Make Plaid Patterns Online!

PlaidMaker is an online tool for making plaid patterns.

With this software you can create every plaid pattern imaginable. Just pick your colors and start weaving them together.

What Can I Do with the Patterns?

Digitally, you can use the patterns to decorate your computers or websites. Use them as twitter and blog backgrounds or wallpaper for your laptop, iPad, iPhone and more. Because you can tile the images, they are also great as backgrounds on larger monitors.

If you're a weaver, you can use PlaidMaker to mock up your designs before you begin on a new fabric.


  • Mirror your pattern so you don't repeat yourself.
  • Diagonal symmetry—if both dimensions of your plaid are the same, you only need to specify one.
  • Different weave types. 1x1 or 2x2 twill.
  • Save and/or download them.
  • No Account Required. We won't make you sign up.

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